To join the Yama Ki Bonsai Society, please print this page and fill out the form and then mail it along with a check for:

Membership single person and/or Family:

  1. Pay $70.00 in full - If you are a 1st time new member then it’s $35.00 for 1 year!
  2. Pay $35.00 two times per year (May, Nov.)

Mail to:

    Yama Ki Bonsai Society

    C/O Suruchi Prakash

    143 Little Hill Dr

    Stamford, CT 06905

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Joint Member:________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________________________   State: ________   

Zip: __________________

Telephone: ________________________  Email address: ___________________________________

Date: ______________  

 I learned of Yama Ki from: ____________________________________________________________

Please let us know you experience Level: I am: a Beginner OR Experienced  

Please contact me with information about the next meeting. I would like to observe.